Pastor Allan Ferguson

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Thank you for visiting St. Paul’s webpage. Our thanks will be more complete when you visit us for worship and we can meet one another. Our Sunday service starts at 11:00 AM in the little church on Lake Street in the village of Redwood. We will save a seat for you.


Our services uphold the Lutheran tradition. That means:

We follow a regular form of worship or liturgy.

We sing hymns, prayers and responses during worship.

We look to the Holy Bible for guidance and inspiration.

We share the sacrament of Holy Communion on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

We affirm the Apostles, Nicene and Athanasian creeds as statements of the Christian faith.

We believe each person is a sinner redeemed by God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome all people in the name of Jesus Christ who welcomed saints and sinners, the rich and the poor, men, women and children and those searching for the God’s purpose in their lives.

Our mission includes hosting and supporting the Redwood area food pantry, the Noah’s Ark Preschool and support for the missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

I am pleased to be the current pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. I travel from the Cortland area to serve the congregation. My degree comes from the Drew University Theological School, added to more than 25 years ministry experience. My wife, Linda, and our West Highland Terrier (Annie) join the congregation for worship every Sunday